For more information about the Recorder Race please contact the race management:

e-mail: rennleitung<at>
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or call:

Markus Luebbe
Phone: +49-89-489 55 471
Anne Bergner
Phone:+49-89-20 24 48 78

The following images are provided for the press on request (send a mail to the race managment):

Please note our "Conditions of use"

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The images can be downloaded and freely used without additional permission to illustrate stories or listings featuring the RecorderRace, provided the following conditions are met:

The story, article, or listing must mention RecorderRace and give contact information as follows:

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Notification of such use, with publication date and other pertinent information is sent to RecorderRace Mangament at rennleitung<at> (Anti-Spam-writing / please cpoy and ad the “at” sign manually)
We apprecitate it very much to receive a copy:

Rekorderrennen Rennleitung
Lothstrasse 62
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